3 Oct

…to my first blog.

I am feeling very sentimental about leaving you.

My husband thinks I’m weird.

I love this blog b/c it holds so many precious moments to me…my first exploration of photography and my girls….

But onto new beginnings.

Find me over here!



Bear Care

3 Oct

This bear was one of Naomi’s first stuffed animals…

Today, he was sick…so Mama Bear to the rescue.


30 Sep

Things 3 year olds love:

1. Ice cream and/or lollipops

2. Staying up past their bedtime

3. Balloons and/or bubbles

4. TV and/or having stories read to them.

5. Jumping on the bed

Decided to go with #5 today.

Fresh continued….

23 Sep

Here are the rest from the newborn session (get ready to scroll, had a hard time narrowing it down). It was my first time working with such a young baby – I was nervous! It took about 30 min. for Joshua to really fall asleep and then all was well. For those wanting to take pics of newborns (0-2 weeks), I found this flickr group very very helpful!

Thanks again to the Jungs for letting me shoot 🙂



21 Sep

Today I had the great honor of taking pics of baby Joshua (8 days old) and his big brother Jeremiah (2+) years old.

It’s official: I am in love with newborn photography.

Robby and Grace, here’s your sneak peek! Thank you for trusting me with your newborn~

(More to come)

“Thank you for all the days You give us.”

14 Sep

Naomi said this phrase while saying her nighttime prayer a while ago…and it has stuck in my mind…how true this is.


Happy  First Birthday Noelle~

You are a ray of sunshine to Mommy, Daddy and big sister~

I call you my “California baby” because you were born with a golden tan.

Thank you God for this year with her, it has been unforgettable.

Urban Baby

12 Sep

Went to downtown LA near the Fashion District to meet up with some of our relatives…it ended up being a 45 min. wait so I took out my camera and had a mini-photo session with Tim and Little N.

I tried out the ‘toy camera’ action from Aperture on this session…normally I don’t like an over processed look, but I liked the gritty texture it gave these photos. Thanks to my hubs for being my willing model~